[Image: Photography of Marc Pesnot]
Marc Pesnot - Natural Wine maker from the Muscadet region.

Penn Sardin pairs its food with wines and with ciders, the traditional Breton staple, from off the beaten path. Our list originates from unexpected regions, not the usual suspects, and includes a variety of atypical wines from more familiar regions. Our goal is to engage diners to (re)discover ancient and innovative expressions of terroir including indigenous grape varieties and modes of vinification. The resulting diversity of exotic flavors and textures is far removed from the homogeneous and often overly manipulated wines of the globalized world.

[Image: Apples & Cider]

We have assembled a compact list of wines from dedicated handpicked growers, with an emphasis on organic, biodynamic, and natural wines. As with our food, with our wine list we also intend to spark our guests' curiosity for uncharted territories.

Our list has one important focus, on wines from the region around the city of Nantes, in the western Loire valley. This region, with its famous white wine appellation Muscadet, was historically a part of, at the very heart of, Brittany. Many of its inhabitants identify today as Breton even though they live outside the Celtic region’s modern geographic boundaries. What’s more, this wine region is going through a dynamic rebirth; we can’t wait to pour these ‘under the radar’ gems for you!