[Image: Muscles in Broth]


[Image: Muscles in Broth]

Penn Sardin stems from the urge to reconnect food with cultural and historical heritage in the most modern manner. The chosen territory is the culinary craft of Brittany, the coastal Celtic region of France. Oregon is the perfect spot for a translation as it is also in a cool coastal climate filled with delicious sea, land, and foraged foods from hardworking and caring providers.

With Brittany as an inspiration our food sets out to showcase the beauty of some staples of Celtic cuisine that can be found in the Pacific Northwest: oysters, fish, heritage pork, and forgotten heirloom vegetables and grains. We make this bounty of land and sea the centerpiece of our craft, working directly with local providers. We aim at connecting people with the dedication and attention to nature required by the work of these men and women. Our carefully curated menus showcase foods in season – no oysters on our Summer menu!

[Image: Spices]

Our cuisine is also inspired by journeys. Bretons are a people of the sea, sailors and fishermen who were thrown from remote rural communities into globalization hundreds of years ago through cod fishing and trade. This brought an unexpected dimension less common in French food: spices. Cinnamon, star anise and curries brought back by sailors became common seasonings for local seafood. We strive to honor this heritage of exchange by combining unexpected flavors from around the world, just as Breton cooks learned to do. We hope our meals will also be a journey into terra incognita.