Sardine Head – A natural wine dive & late night bites



Sardine Head is Portland’s first Natural Wine Dive Bar.

It is our hope to democratize natural wine, which is made by the true rebels of the beverage world: organic and experimental vintners! We believe that these farmers, tirelessly working the land, are true champions. Their products deserve to be introduced to a wider audience.

We can’t wait to provide a welcoming, unpretentious bar for wine novices and experienced drinkers alike. We want everybody to enjoy these amazing libations and learn more about where they come from and who’s behind each bottle.

Late Night Bites

Late-night seekers of fresh, ingredient-driven food will find a home with us. Sardine Head will serve a small rotating menu of soulful share-plates.

The menu is rooted in an exploration of the cuisine of Brittany, the Celtic region in the west of France. Honoring Breton food traditions, we focus on the beauty and simplicity of seafood, heirloom vegetables and heritage pig for tastefully simple, compelling and flavorful dishes made from scratch. The use of spices, chilies and curries is a seminal part of the culinary craft that defines our menus identity; a dimension rarely seen in French cuisine, yet present in the cuisine of Breton sailors.

Little Fishies

Sardines, mackerel, tuna and anchovies. We have it all. We are proud to have a menu of tinned fish and conservas. The ideal delicious snack from coastal France, Spain, Italy and Portugal; canned fish is just the best with natty wine!


Sardine Head is at Sweedeedee

Friday: 6 pm – 12 am
Saturday: 6 pm – 12 am
Sunday: 6 pm – 12 am


[Image: Menu]

[Image: Happy Hour Menu]

Regarding our Wine List

Our wine selection is constantly changing and evolving. Drop in to see what we are pouring this week or sleuth our instagram, @sardinehead, for our most up-to-date pours.


Phone: 503 209-2091